Make your transition towards a more sustainable food industry with KLY SustainGrain.

KLY’s SustainGrain is a novel swiss plantbased
ingredient made by sustainable upcycling bran as a
side-stream of grain production.

We are re-thinking the food industry's attitude towards
efficiency and sustainability and want to help to establish a
new consciousness. KLY - your healthy, sustainable and
ethical ingredient partner.


By transparently re-conceptualizing otherwise
wasted bran from millers in Switzerland we can sustainably reintroduce this highly nutrient
ingredient back into the food system and have
a direct impact on the environment by
circularly closing material and energy cycles.


SustainGrain highlights the functiona properties
of bran without affecting th texture, color, and taste
of the final products, therefore offering high
versatility for plant-based product
integrations that are betterfor the planet.

For You

SustainGrain features a healthy and nutritious
profile, with high levels of fiber, protein, minerals,
and prebiotics which support clean label
application that are better for YOU and your
clientele due to aiding digestive wellness
and gut health.

KLY’s SustainGrain creates an ethical win-win-win situation for the environment, food manufacturers as well as society.

Science Moving Forward

Our unique scientific approach allows us to challenge the status-quo together with sustainably-minded and
forward-thinking food manufacturers. How can we enable your transition? Thanks to the continuous integration of scientific
research in everything we do and state-of-the-art food technology, we turn surplus ingredients into highly functional,
healthy, and sustainable clean label products.

Our goal is to develop plant-based ingredients that are perfectly tailored
to your needs through culinary as well as scientific know-how and innovation.

How we upcycle bran into our superstar
ingredient SustainGrain.


We partner with millers in Switzerland to recover and
upcycle wheat bran.


The bran is then ground further in order to reduce the particle size and
create a larger surface volume ratio.


Through the fermentation process with our secret starter cultures, we
enhance the properties of bran for superior integrability and nutritional functionality.

Joyous Integration

Our SustainGrain is ready for easy integration in recipes from baking to
extrusion to sauces/liquids, making it a leader in sustainable ingredients.

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